The future is BIM

Marco can now offer its uPVC trunking and Steel Wire Cable Tray products as downloadable BIM objects. 

The object library downloads contain all of Marco’s products within those ranges ultimately making installation easier for the end user by having everything available in one single download. 

To those not familiar with BIM, BIM is a fast-growing initiative backed by UK government to establish new standards within the UK’s construction industry. The BIM process is designed to involve all parties during the design and management phases of a project by enabling contractors and designers to list all objects required for the build from a digital model. The purpose of the digital model is to reduce on-site errors during the physical build process, thus saving contractors and designers time and money. 

As leading UK manufacturers, Marco is constantly looking for ways to meet customers’ changing and evolving needs. BIM has seen a growth in demand from contractors working on larger projects where Marco’s products are increasingly specified.

Marco’s BIM downloads are unique, providing an entire range of products in a single download, so no extra searching for specific products, or downloading objects on a product-by-product basis, and most importantly, making the whole process easier for the end user. 

Jeff Kerridge, Sales Manager of Marco Cable Management explained: “The Marco download is a completely custom built plug-in that works seamlessly within Autodesk Revit, currently the industry’s most popular software platform for architectural projects”. 

Trunking isn’t included in Revit by default so the benefit of Marco’s BIM trunking family is that the digital trunking objects appear as a new product type, and can be used to easily draw proposed containment routes.

The customer will benefit by being able to access the complete Marco product family. We’ve done this to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Once Marco’s BIM files are installed you have everything required to meet all your cable containment needs.” 

Features include: 

One for all
Marco’s BIM object files have been curated into one easy downloadable file. No more searching for product- by-product downloads. 

Revit compatible
Marco’s BIM objects are intended for use with Autodesk’s REVIT software, chosen specifically due to its popularity with industry professionals. 

Quick & Easy Quotation
Marco’s BIM downloads allow users to produce an automatic bill of quantities, ensuring an easier and quicker quote turnaround. 

Marco Contact details
Marco’s BIM downloads come with all relevant staff contact details built in helping you get the most of each download. 

Installation Guides
A how-to-guide is included with both of Marco BIM downloads. Additionally, if further support is required, Marco’s staff is always on hand to help. 

Marco’s BIM objects allow for a huge amount of configurability. Included in the download are accessories, options for DDA compliance, screening dividers and much more. 

Point & Click Installation
Users can draw their containment routes in model with ease, which is then rendered out as the finished product. Accessories such as internal and external bends are automatically added along the route.

Jeff continued: “As far as we are aware, Marco is the only current manufacturer of cable management systems with a BIM download application that has been developed to this extent. Our files have been curated into two easy to downloads, one containing uPVC and a second containing steel wire cable tray making it incredibly simple for the end user. 

“At Marco, we’re committed to supporting our customers be it through product development or by embracing the latest forms of technology as is the case here. We recognise and understand the pressures faced on site and recognise how technology such as BIM can support our customers during projects, from initial designs all the way up to final installation. 

“We’re keen to explore new ways of working and now have our complete core product ranges covered by BIM. We anticipate more interest and take up of this throughout the year ahead and are here to support customers as they make the switch.” 

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