The latest addition to Atkore Marco’s Steel Wire Cable Tray range is the Quik-Clik tray.
Quik-Clik is Atkore Marco’s most innovative development, allowing lengths of tray to be coupled together in seconds! Supplied with the MCFJC/MCFJC30 coupler pre-attached, Quik-Clik saves the installer time and money, by reducing on site labour costs, and removing the need to spend additional time installing couplers with mechanical tools or nuts and bolts.

The innovative coupler can be easily removed and re-attached to the Quik-Clik tray, allowing lengths to be cut down to size without losing any functionality.

Manufactured from sprung steel, the Quik-Clik coupler ensures electrical continuity throughout installation and ensures a strong and secure fit throughout.

Atkore Marco offer the MCM Quik-Clik range in both Electro Zinc (EZ) and Zinc Aluminium (ZA). The Zinc Aluminium Quik-Clik range is supplied with MCFJC/MCFJC30 in GEOMET finish for outdoor applications. 

MFCJC = MCM55 & MCM106


  • MCM30 Quik-Clik

    Code Size
    MCM3050 30 x 50 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30100 30 x 100 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30150 30 x 150 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30200 30 x 200 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30300 30 x 300 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30400 30 x 400 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30450 30 x 450 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30500 30 x 500 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM30600 30 x 600 Quik-Clik Tray

  • MCM55 Quik-Clik

    Code Size
    MCM5550 55 x 50 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55100 55 x 100 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55150 55 x 150 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55200 55 x 200 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55300 55 x 300 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55400 55 x 400 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55450 55 x 450 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55500 55 x 500 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM55600 55 x 600 Quik-Clik Tray

  • MCM106

    Code Size
    MCM106100 106 x 100 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM106150 106 x 150 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM106200 106 x 200 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM106300 106 x 300 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM106400 106 x 400 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM106450 106 x 450 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM106500 106 x 500 Quik-Clik Tray
    MCM106600 106 x 600 Quik-Clik Tray

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