Maxi Trunking

Marco’s new Maxi trunking range is the perfect solution for a number of cable management project installations, including domestic and commercial installs. Marco’s Maxi trunking is supplied in three standard sizes, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm, and are all available with a range of accessories and fittings.


Supplied with a unique secure-lock lid, Marco’s Maxi trunking is able to offer a tamper proof solution, keeping cables protected in all environments.

Maxi Trunking is supplied in 3 metre lengths as standard.


  • MMT50

    50mm Maxi Trunking, Pure White Finish, 3 Metre Length

  • MMT75

    75mm Maxi Trunking, Pure White Finish, 3 Metre Length

  • MMT100

    100mm Maxi Trunking, Pure White Finish, 3 Metre Length

  • MMTF50

    50mm Flat Angle

  • MMTF75

    75mm Flat Angle

  • MMTF100

    100mm Flat Angle

  • MMTT50

    50mm Flat Tee

  • MMT75

    75mm Flat Tee

  • MMT100

    100mm Flat tee

  • MMTI50

    50mm Internal Angle

  • MMTI75

    75mm Internal Angle

  • MMTI100

    100mm Internal Angle

  • MMTE50

    50mm External Angle

  • MMTE75

    75mm External Angle

  • MMTE100

    100mm External Angle

  • MMTC50

    50mm End Cover

  • MMTC75

    75mm End Cover

  • MMTC100

    100mm End Cover

  • MMTJ50

    50mm Joint Cover

  • MMTJ75

    75mm Joint Cover

  • MMTJ100

    100mm Joint Cover

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