Atkore Unistrut & Marco demonstrate their commitment to reducing their ecological footprint by planting trees

The Initiative

In March, the new and improved Atkore Unistrut & Marco product catalogue was sent to print. This print run called for 3000 copies containing 336 A4 pages in each catalogue. In total, this was the equivalent to an estimated 101 trees used in the process.

Atkore Unistrut & Marco’s Green Team raised the idea of planting trees to offset the large amounts of paper used for the print run. By doing this, the business is demonstrating their willingness to help the environment and ecosystem.

The Solution

Following this discussion, the Marketing team reached out to a company called Treeapp who work alongside businesses to plant trees all over the world. Their aim is to improve the world we live in. Treeapp understand that more and more businesses are looking for a solution to grow their brand and showcase their products to a sustainability minded audience.

Treeapp plant native and suitable tree species based on local biomes & climate. The company have planted 150+ different species to date. The planting activities are performed by local tree-planting partners, who make sure every single tree they plant benefits endemic species and local communities.

This partnership with Treeapp, means the business is able to support tree planting partners plant trees across the globe. Treeapp ensures all their planters have met the internal criteria surrounding ethical tree planting, transparency and use-of-funds. All tree planting activities not only have environmental benefits, but also a social and economic impact by working closely with local communities.

To date, Treeapp has funded the planting of over hundreds of thousands of trees:

•              Africa: Madagascar, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mozambique, Kenya

•              Americas: Brazil, Peru, Haiti

•              Asia: Nepal, Indonesia

Tom Buttery, Business Development Management at Treeapp comments: “We want to enable businesses to have a direct impact on the environment by planting trees with Treeapp. Not only do our reforestation projects reduce global emissions, supporting these projects also provides sustainable solutions for local communities, by creating jobs and improving livelihoods

We saw a strong alignment with Atkore Unistrut & Marco’s ESG focus and our mission to green this planet and are therefore excited to have started planting trees together!”

Atkore Unistrut & Marco continue to work on different initiatives to make a real impact ?

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