New G-shape Adds Scope to Marco range

Marco has launched its latest cable management product, the new G-shape steel wire cable tray. 

Marco's new G-shape wire tray is designed for under desk cable management and above suspended ceilings for service containments in small voids.

The unique shape of the tray allows for both wall and ceiling mounting, and reduces the need for suspension brackets by being directly fixed to a solid surface using MCCL or MCCL25. 

Available in four widths, the tray can be easily installed and modified on site by one person, fabricating bends using the same accessories used for Marco's other range of trays.

The product has chamfered edges to protect cables during installation with both power and data cables easily installed and added from the side. 

Jeff Kerridge, Sales Manager of Marco Cable Management said: “The new G-shape tray adds further strength to our steel wire cable tray range. We continue to explore new ways to adapt and modify our products to support the contractor on site and simplify the installation process”. 

Jeff added: “The G-shaped tray has been designed as a very specific solution, developed following feedback and response from contractors. This is a quirky and interesting design which has been demanded by our market." 

See more info on our G-shape tray.

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