The conversion of a vast 15,000 sq. ft. industrial unit in Camberley for a pharmaceutical manufacturing business has seen contractor JJES Ltd utilise a complete range of Marco’s cable containment products to make the fix.

The Marco team has worked closely alongside JJES Director, Jon Jones, during design and installation to ensure the exact specification was met and supplied. Marco's Area Sales Manager explained: “We have worked with JJES on several schemes, however, this was the largest and perhaps most complex to date. The warehouse was previously empty and required a full programme of works to convert the unit into a hi-tech facility for the new tenant, Microgen Bio products.

“With a two-storey office at the front of the building, the remaining space was to be covered into units with suspended ceiling and LED lighting throughout.
“JJES has utilised Marco Elite 3 in all offices and labs with additional Dado trunking in the offices at skirting height. Power poles were used in the centre of the laboratory space providing connectivity at a central point for the various work units. A further Marco specification via the firms bench trunking offered the perfect solution for all desktop cable containment.
“Marco’s steel wire cable tray has also been utilised throughout providing housing for both power and data cables. The contactor utilised a range of supporting accessories including brackets and quik fit applications. In total JJES used around 480 metres of steel wire cable tray and 300 metres of uPVC trunking.”
The 13 week project was delivered successfully, on time and within budget providing a hi tech facility in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Jon Jones led the contracting team. He added: “I’ve been using Marco products at JJES for several years, having recognised the value from a very early stage.
“There are several benefits of working with Marco ranging from delivery – all products arrive on site within two days – to the standards and quality of the products themselves.
“During this project, the products have been delivered on site in phases which helps us in terms of cash flow, whilst also ensuring the site team are able to work in a clean environment, without unnecessary obstacles in the way. We’re also able to source all of our cable containment needs from under one roof with Marco, guarnteeing a full specification in terms of both steel wire cable tray and uPVC trunking.
“Both myself and the guys on site undoubtedly prefer working with the Marco products. We particularly like the Elite 3 which offers greater data capacity and deeper bends than competitor products, which is particularly useful when walls aren’t flush. Having been a user of Marco products for some time, it’s great to see their product range grow as they continue to adapt to a changing market. The use of ancillary products and accessories speeds up the installation process through time efficiency and ease of use. I also believe their products to be great value and are cost effective.
“The final benefit for us is the back office support, we know that we are only ever a phone call away if we need to discuss an issue or secure more products under fairly quick timescales. For us Marco is undoubtedly our cable containment supplier of choice. As a modern, customer facing business, they deliver at every level.”

More images from the project in the gallery below.


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