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    Penguin enclosure refurbishment, SeaLife Aquarium, London

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Atkore Marco has seen its products specified as part of a refurbishment of the penguin enclosure at Sealife London Aquarium. 

One of the main attractions in the vast visitors’ centre, ‘Penguin Point’, home to various breeds of the species, has seen Atkore Marco’s Steel Wire Cable Tray installed throughout. 

The centre aims to emulate the natural environments of their many residents and are continually making improvements to encourage breeding and conservation as well as enhancing the visitor experience. 

During the winter months, from 5pm onwards, visitors will notice that the lights in the penguin enclosure will be in low light or going into a sunset cycle of reds. This is to ensure they closely match the conditions found in the Southern Hemisphere – where Gentoo penguins are found. The variation in light cycles and temperature is designed to encourage their natural seasonal behaviour including a yearly moult, nesting and breeding. 

Technical Sales Manager for Atkore Marco commented: “Sea Life London Aquarium is an amazing place where they are constantly reinvesting in their vast facilities and resources. We are working closely with their electrical contractor FTS who is keen to utilise our products across all phases.” 

Sea Life London Aquarium takes visitors on a fascinating journey from the coastline to the depths of the ocean where a magical underwater world filled with a dazzling array of amazing sea creatures, from sharks to rare Green Sea Turtles, from jellyfish to rays and clownfish can be found. 

The use of our steel wire cable tray further highlights the flexible nature of our products, showcasing how they fit within a range of environments. We look forward to working with FTS on further phases during 2017.” 

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