Flush-Screed Trunking System

3 Compartment

Marco's flush screed trunking system has three large compartments designed to provide adequate cable segregation.

330mm Profile

Trunking has a wide 330mm profile, giving ample space to house a large number of cables.

Full range of fittings

The flush screed trunking has a wide range of compatible accessories and fittings. Outlet boxes for  the trunking also benefit from being compatible with the cavity floor box accessory plates.


The latest addition to Marco's underfloor range, our flush screed trunking system combined lengths of galvanised steel trunking with three compartment outlet boxes to provide a sturdy and robust system designed as a long term carrying solution for data and power cabling.
Flush floor trunking is a flexible solution for distributing services around large open-plan spaces such as offices or conference halls.
Service outlets and inspection modules can be installed in the trunking at various stages by removing lid and dividers from within the trunking system itself.
The service outlet boxes used for the flush screed system also benefit from using the same accessory plates as those used in Maeco's floor boxes.


  • Flush-Screed Trunking


    Marco flush-screed trunking system, supplied in 2 metre lengths.

  • Flush Screed Box


    Galvanised steel outlet box. Designed with an easy drop in frame requiring no tools to install. The service lid is able to accommodate Marco's 3 compartment floor box accessory plates.

  • Un-gusseted Bend


    90 Degree riser with the same 3mm lid as the trunking lengths. Trunking slots in to the riser and is then bolted together using the screws provided. Riser has the same three compartment configurtation as the trunking lengths.

  • Junction Box


    Junction Box for flush screed trunking with radius corners to aid data cabling. Box benefits from multiple cable layout possibilities. Easily fitted to trunking using provided dome head screws and included two blank ends, unique to Marco junction boxes.

  • Stop End


    Stop end for closing off trunking lengths. Designed to fit around open end of trunking to stop any water leaks during pouring of screed. Fixed using 'M' dome bolts (provided) with each trunking length.

  • Inspection Lid


    Offers a flexible inspection area within runs of trunking. Utilises same lid as outlet boxes and is fitted in place using screws provided. Not designed to be used with power or data plates.

  • Adjustable Coupler


    Used to join two lengths of flush-screed trunking, with oblong holes to add adjustability to trunking height throughout installation, ensuring the finish flooring is level.

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